Comparison With WordPress

Piston is a modern portal technology based on Vue which has been developed from scratch to meet the needs of modern websites. Unlike a typical Vue based website, it does not require any build step in order to create one or more websites with it.

Advantages of Piston over WordPress

1. Hosting

  • Unlike wordpress, there is no hosted version of Piston. This eliminates the need of doing a lot of research to figure out which version of wordpress (SaaS or hosted) is better for you. This is the very first thing which builders do when they start their journey with wordpress.

2. Modular Architecture

  • Unlike a wordrepss theme, which tries to implement all the areas for a site, Piston offers modular architecture to construct site pages from modular and reusable components (e.g. frames, layouts etc). This approach has many advantages over wordpress' all in one theme approach -

    • When you create a site (personal blog, brand website etc), you start searching for a wordpress theme which meets the requirements of the target website. After spending lot of time and effort on this exercise, you end up in a situation where you either don't find any theme matching your requirements or find a theme which matches your requirements to some extent but will require good amount of efforts to customization it in order to make it work according to your requirements.

    • You can mix modular components from a number of providers to build the desired website in a very less time instead of attempting to customize a wordpress theme and still not able to achieve desired outcome.

  • Custom assests ( frames, layouts, css framework, UI components library etc) are hosted at a central location similar to a static website and does not involve any installation step.

3. No Plugin Hell

  • All the basic features (analytics, advanced identity and access management, page builder etc), which otherwise require third party plugins in case of wordrpess, are built into Piston. So no endless research to find the best plugin for a basic feature (e.g. analytics) and no fear of being spammed by the creators of these plugins.

4. Host (enterprise) private assets in your private network

  • As an enterprise customer you can host your custom assets in your private network which can be consumed by Piston when it is accessed within your private network. This arrangements make it possible to make the private custom assets of an enterprise available to only those users (e.g. employees, partners) who are authorized to access the private network of an enterprise.

5. Modern features for Partners

  • Piston has first class support for Partners and Customers ( two types of tenants ) which makes it possible for partners to offer their own marketplace for custom assets. This not only makes it possible to distribute custom assets from a central location (instead of uploading these on gumroad like sites) but also helps keep these custom assets up to date without any intervention from the customer.

  • Built in support for subscription for partners to monetize custom assets. So a partner would be able to put its custom assets behind a subscription and the target site will not be able to use these custom assets if subscription is not renewed after the expiry date.

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