Mission Statement

Last updated - Feb 10, 2024

MechCloud™ is a SaaS application which helps developers, cloud engineers/architects, devops folks and platform engineers to navigate complex world of cloud computing and containers in an easy manner. It consists of following modules at this moment -

  • Piston - Low code website development.

  • Steam - Cloud infrastructure and apps management using visualization first approach. It consists of following sub-modules -

    • Turbine - Visualization and provisioning of hyperscaler (AWS, GCP and Azure) infra and container orchestration (e.g. docker, Kubernetes) tools.

    • Torque - Visualization and provisioning of containerized/cloud native applications with universal abstraction.

  • Spark - A workflow engine

Most of the companies (startups / enterprises) already have a number of reusable artifacts (e.g. design system, css library, UI component libraries etc) which these companies would like to leverage for developing their websites/apps.

Disadvantage of the existing no/low code tool is that you can't load your reusable artifacts on these tools to develop the website in a way which developers prefer and are comfortable with. So, companies end up in a situation where developers and other people from a company are using two different approaches for developing the websites/apps.

Piston is a low code tool which lets you load your existing reusable artifacts into it and develop websites with these reusable assets. This approach has following advantages -

  • It offers flexibility to switch between browser-based development and coding as and when required. E.g. you can create simple pages of a website/app from the browser and switch to coding for developing complex pages/features when it can't be achieved using browser-based approach.

  • This also eliminates those situations where you are looking for a critical feature in a low/no code tool which is either not on the roadmap or it is on the roadmap but will be available after a long time.

  • This allows developers and non-developers to collaborate around a tool to develop websites/apps which is not possible in case of other low/no code tools.

  • Reusable assets help developing websites faster which are aligned with your development best practices and branding of your company.

  • You don't end up building equivalent of these reusable assets across several low/no code platforms. Most of the low/no code platforms don't even support creating reusable assets.

  • You can upgrade your reusable code across all the websites from a central location using micro app architecture. This keeps your technical debt to a minimum as your code is aligned with the latest and greatest of html / css / javascript most of the time and you need not to invest a good amount of money into major refactoring or rewriting your websites/apps. This will save precious capital for your company which otherwise can be used for other critical things required to grow your business.

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