MechCloud supports two types of tenants at this moment -

  • Simple

  • Partner

Major difference between a Simple and Partner tenants is that a Partner tenant can create its own tenants which can be Simple tenants only.

1. Partner tenant

1.1 Infrastructure Management

  • A partner tenant can restrict cloud provider regions for its child tenants to make sure that the tenants managed by it can create or discover resources in these regions only.

    • E.g. if you are a partner from India, who is catering to customers from India only, then you can select India regions across three hyperscalers to make sure that your customers from India are restricted to India regions only.

    • If you are catering to customers from multiple countries then you can select hyperscaler regions (e.g. US and India) for all such countries at the partner tenant level. Tenant admin of your child tenant will then be able to restrict its tenant to some or all the regions configured at the parent tenant level.

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