1. Log on to AWS console (

  2. Create an IAM user.

  3. Make sure it is having following policies selected under Permissions -> Permissions policies -

    • AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess

  4. Create an access key under Security credentials -> Access keys and note down values of Access key and Secret access key.

  5. Log on to MechCloud and navigate to Infrastructure -> Cloud Account.

  6. Select a team.

  7. Select AWS under Select a cloud provider dropdown. This will display all the cloud accounts added for the AWS cloud provider.

  8. Click on New Cloud Account button.

  9. Enter a name for your account.

  10. Vpc API Credentials

    • Key Id - Enter your access key here generated in step # 4 above.

    • Secret Key - Enter your secret access key here generated in step # 4 above.

  11. Click on Save button to add the cloud account.

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